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Do you ever feel that you and your children are not connected anymore? Is there something missing in your relationships with yourself, your friends, your family? Are your children too busy with their electronics and activities? Are you too busy yourself with everything?

About 16 years ago, I was enjoying a retreat in the mountains of North Wales with bunch of very dear friends and discussing an ancient text almost 5000 years. It chronicles the lessons learned by an enlightened sage called Dattatraya, who had 24 teachers in nature. I was transformed and transported to a much sweeter place inside myself by the energy and power of this retreat and just hearing the stories. I decided to take on his teachers and their messages as my own and see what happens to my life. It was to become an incredible experiment with the Divine powers and laws that sustain this world.

As the years are going by, and means of communications are getting easier and faster, I have realised that yes, we have way more and easier ways to stay in touch and download megabytes of information at the tap of a finger; but in reality we are losing touch with our deeper self, our loved one and our environment! Children as well as adults live in a very fast paced environment with lots of technology, constant noise and entertainment which often causes us to dismiss and forget the universal laws of this world. The laws that make us happy, healthy and successful.
During all this time Dattatraya’s story and what he learned has never left my thoughts and so I have decided it is time to bring the teachings and meanings back into our modern day to day lives. I have not strayed too far from the original ancient manuscript of Dattatraya and have added adventures and lessons based on my own life and upbringing in the wilderness.

I firmly believe that without meaning as to why we are here and what we are doing, we are simply lost. To fill the emptiness we keep ourselves occupied with the constant clatter and clutter of today’s society. Especially young children are under an enormous pressure to perform. The older we get, and the more pressure we experience the harder it is to cope.

Hence the increased rate of burnout, depression, overeating etc. We are trying to fill the void with anything and everything but the actual thing that would really make us whole again: Our connection to Nature and the universal Laws. Dattatraya – we call him Traya – is starting his Quest to find his purpose in life. He uses his gift, that allows him to talk to animals and elements, to learn about the universal practices and connection to nature, and how to bring them back into our lives.

I wrote this as a children’s book because children’s minds are still innocent and open. “Impossible” should not be in their vocabulary yet. Their humility and purity still allows for the possibility to talk to a butterfly or to the Great Sun. So while you read this book to, and with your children, take a moment out of all your busy schedules, find a piece of nature and try to imagine and live what Traya would like to give you and your children to navigate the road of life.

The reason I picked a few Indian names is easy: I have been studying these names for over 25 years, so I am very familiar with their meanings and what they represent. I love the energy and light they bring to us.

Africa is the first location of Traya’s journey because I have lived there, been on many walking, riding, canoeing and driving safaris, especially in Kenya and love the rawness of this vast continent. You can feel the pulse of life when your toes touch the red earth and it allowed me to have flamingoes, snakes, and of course the eternal sun as the initial characters.

Join Traya and myself on his journeys and adventures. It doesn’t matter if you read one chapter at a time, or the whole book at once. What matters is that you take a little time out of every day or week, to think and practice what you have learned. Be still, breathe, listen and connect.

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*Dharma is your purpose, why we are alive, how we chose to live each day in the highest way and our interaction with the rest of nature.

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